Four years ago at the seventh day of a Vipassana Retreat in Sacha Dham Ashram in India; during the day something happened; with eyes closed; in between the eyebrows a living eye was appearing. Then a triangle and with a soft specific breath this was growing into more triangles until finally a diamondshape was formed and the body was sitting in it.

During the night, laying on the bed, this was shown;

The earth was shown in energy form around it were enlightened ones; some of them known; some of them unknown(to me); some of them alive, some of them left the body. Osho was there and Maharaji; ShantiMayi; Jivanjili; a man in a lunghi Ananda Mayima, Nisargadatta; another man in a lunghi and the metaphorical devil was there; this red figure with the horns and the hooves and the forked tail. Then there was this roaring voice that said; “THESE ARE THE GUARDIANS OF THE WORLD”.

After this 10-day retreat everybody is surrounded by this diamond; with some it is obvious to see; with some it is less obvious. ShantiMayi and me had a talk, the triangles were there at the same time the physical world was there; like living in two dimensions at the same time. She said; “You are a psychic”. For a long time I thought that meant that I was clairvoyant. It has always been like this; only thing is that I called them images and ShantiMayi calls them visions. When I was nine years old I saw my next door neighbour leave his body; his physical body was laying on the floor, a broomstick in his one hand and a cigar in the other; his breath was fading and he left his body. When I told my mother; she said: “Don’t be crazy”. Most of us have the capability to see into other realms when we are children; most of us shut it down when we grow up and are being conditioned and the conditions aren’t favourable; with some it stays; with me it stayed. ShantiMayi suggested me to write down what was shown; I did that for a year; the second year I told it to people that I trusted; the third year I worked with it in my practice and now here is the fourth year.

From ShantiMayi we learned the Medicine Buddha Mantra; he ( I say he; but it is impossible to put a gender on Medicine Buddha; it is a being who looks like a gorgeous man with a female appearance in gestures and movement.) heals on different levels and shows what is needed for that. He is always there when his name is mentioned inwardly or outwardly. He can heal people, other beings, something in the world, the world or something else.

On 14th of March 2009 Joep and me sang the long Medicine Buddha Mantra and I brought in the little girl of a client and the World; this was shown;

The world was shown in her physical form and there were black holes in her surface. Medicine Buddha blew with his breath over these black holes; they disappeared and the surface of the earth came back; the blue and the green; the rivers, land, mountains and seas were seen again. He went from black hole to black hole healing all the holes and kept on doing that; they were coming back and he kept on going. His posture showed dejectedness. Around the diamond shape of the world the guardians were standing with the same posture. The message is: “The guardians are tired; we (the people on the earth) have to do it(the healing) ourselves”. He showed a long line of people standing hand in hand with happy faces singing and dancing surrounding the material world; healing the world through singing. In the black holes people were disappearing; falling into them. This black holes have to do with a child killing other children(Germany/America); the creditcrisis (whole world/greed); pollution. When people live from their heart the world will heal.

Then he showed a big room with four circles of people, A huge Medicine Buddha statue and me sitting opposite of that statue; in between half of the circle was formed of 40 people and the other half of the circle was formed also of 40 people around this circle were three other circles; in total there were 250 people. This room is the room in Humaniversity; the people are people from Humaniversity; Shantimayi, friends and family and others. The date was shown; 21 of July 2009; then ShantiMayi’s face appeared; smiling; saying:’Go for it girl”.

After this vision Joep went to make an appointment with Veeresh and Premdip. I went to write an email to ShantiMayi.

The week after he showed words to be said; people to be contacted; items to be ordered; how the room will look etc etc. Very practical advice.

When Joep and me returned from India end of February we had plans to make at our dining table with a small group of people (10 or so) Tsa Tsa’s and have for the same group a Havan outside in nature. Medicine Buddha showed that there is no time for that; it needs to be fast and to involve as many people as possible; so we can create a healing grid around the world.