This year on the day after new year, Joep and me sat down to “do” Medicine Buddha Healing and I asked Medicine Buddha for the coming year what is needed. He showed that with Joep’s band ‘Gotcha all stars!’ love is being spread to thousands of people. The band was on stage on broad daylight and he showed  Medicine Buddha statue standing on the stage close to the base player. He showed a video screen behind the band on which scenes of nature, meditation, Buddhist monks and in the background vocals mantra’s were being chanted/sung. The band incorporates mantra into their songs.

He showed some personal things of a member of the band.

After this meditation I said to Joep:”I don’t want Medicine Buddha statue to stand in front of people that are partying and drinking.” Joep laughed.

In the same meditation he showed two dates, one date: 7 – 12th of may” and a message “the stupa needs to be fed”


The Stupa is a sacred building that is build in a certain shape; there is always a platform, a dome and a sphere. It is built throughout all religions.

The Sacha Sangha has built a stupa on the land of Mayi and Sunyatha; they are friends of us.

In order to understand the vision of the day after New Years day, I made a compilation of visions that are related to the Stupa.



Building of the Stupa; 2005-2007


Stupa is functioning as a vortex; the energetic diamond shape of Stupa (which is huge) is around it; Stupa is in the middle; the top point of the diamond is in the heavens, it contracts energy from the heavens; there are angelic forms; light beings hovering above. The bottom point of the diamond touches the liquid part (the magma) of Mother Earth through which it contracts energy.

It gives energy through the superficial layer of the soil in a pulse like a long one followed by a short one. This energy pulse benefits the soil and the small animals that live in the soil. In time (future) Medicine Buddha showed that the harvest of the garden of Mayi and Sunyata will be much larger.

Stupa is being fed through us/ beings in a human form through ceremony; we put energy into Stupa through ceremony, rituals, Tsa Tsa’s; sacred items; we are being fed by Stupa through all the energy it is radiating from the items it is filled with and the love it has been made with.


This vision I told first to ShantiMayi and later on in Satsang to everybody that was participating in the laying of the foundation of the stupa. That was the first time I told a vision to a large group of people; I had to gather all my courage; had a red face; was sweating and was glad when it was done. The most wonderful thing happened after I told this; many more people shared what they saw!



Inauguration of the Stupa  sept 2007


In time (future) Stupa will be visited, long after our bones are gone; by our children and children’s children and their children etc. Stupa will be a place of worship.


Something is off in the Northeast of the stupa (which was shown while laying the foundation);

This will cause Stupa to collapse long time from now. In 2007 it was shown in a way that Stupa was half collapsed standing in water with a sky that was black with enormous lightning from different parts of the sky. No human beings.


This one I only shared with Joep; while we were walking on the beach of Fynn; it was so impressive to see this one. And yet all things have a beginning a middle and an end…




Energetic connection; summer 2008


Alive Stupa’s, synagogues, churches, mosques, sacred places are connected with each other; they form an energetic/magnetic grid around the world. Alive means that people pour their heart out in these places; feed these places. It is the same when one person pours his/her heart out; in the vision of the Medicine Buddha Healing at the Humaniversity in Egmond aan Zee; this was made clear when we chant and really pour our heart out in the chant and we do this all over the world we form a grid around the world…..


So keep on chanting….



Sacha Stupa